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Titanium Splitter Skid Plate

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Protect your front splitter from rubbing on the ground! These titanium splitter skid plates bolt to your splitter and act as a skid plate. They rub on the ground before your splitter, which will keep your investment in good shape for much longer. 

These splitter skid plates also help optimize the performance of your splitter. If your splitter is rubbing on the ground, you are choking the airflow underneath and severely limiting your downforce. Our skid plates ensures that there is always a gap between your splitter and the ground. This prevents airflow from being choked and downforce to always be generated.

Two great benefits from these little guys! Prevent damage from scraping your splitter, and ensuring good airflow under your splitter. We chose titanium because it is light weight and has excelent wear characteristics.

These are sold as an individual unit. If you need 2 skid plates, please order a quantity of 2. Running 2 or 4 is recommended depending on your splitter's size. Mounting hardware is included.

Kit Contents:

  • Titanium Splitter Skid Plate, qty 1
  • M6 x 25 Countersunk Bolt, qty 2
  • M6 Countersunk Waster, qty 2

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