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License Plate Quick Release Bracket - PQR (Universal)

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You’ve seen it here first. A License Plate Quick Release solution that fits virtually any vehicle and license plate mount! Gone are the days of putting tape over your license plate at a race track event, or digitally blurring your plates in photoshoot photos. You can now take your license plates on and off in a couple of seconds for your impromptu photoshoots or easily clean those hard to reach areas behind your plate.

The PQR Brackets are a two piece design that is CNC Milled from 6061 aluminum. It is then powder coated to give it a clean finish that will last for years. The two brackets are held together by Stainless Steel pins that slide into grooves on main bracket. You can go through car washes or drive down the highway without worrying about it falling off.

For extra security we added magnets that help secure the assembly along with the pins. The magnets are an extra layer of security to ensure nothing will allow your plates to fall off, yet you can still easily remove the PQR bracket when you intend to remove it.

Since the PQR fits both USDM and JDM license plates, it’s also useful for adapting USDM License Plates onto your JDM Vehicle, or vise versa!

Fitment Notes:
-Different Bolt Spacing so it fits License Plates from different countries

  • Narrow Bolt Spacing, 7 Inches or 177.8mm (USA, Canada, and more)

  • Wide Bolt Spacing, 8.268 inches or 210mm (Japan, Australia, and more)

-Various mounting hardware included so it fits most vehicles and mounts, M6 Socket Head Bolts, M6 Nuts, and Stainless Steel Self Tapping Screws.

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R Theory Dealer Application

Want additional pieces to easily swap to a vanity plate? Or you’re a car dealer and want to swap plates between cars? You can order additional PQR pieces here: https://www.rtheorymotorsports.com/shop/license-plate-quick-release-pqr-additional-pieces

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