NA MX-5 Miata Aluminum Hood Vents (1990-1997)

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To save a few bucks, group these Hood Vents with a set of Miata Fender Vents! See our Miata Hood Vent and Fender Vent Combo.

Keep your track car cool, and looking cool with R Theory Motorsports hood vents!

Just cut your hood using the supplied stencil, and drop these vents right in. These vents are designed around the hood frame on the NA Miata. Almost all of the hood frame is left uncut, meaning nearly all hood rigidity is maintained. Majority of other vents on the market force you to cut parts of the frame. The vents are sold and shipped flat, with a raw aluminum finish that is ready for primer and paint, powder coat, or however you want to coat them. Just bend the fins and get coating! We can also powder coat them for you with our powder coating service.

Benefits of running a vented hood:

1) More Efficient Cooling System:

When driving, air passes through your radiator but has nowhere to go. The hot air accumulates under your hood which will raise under hood temperatures in a situation where you're pushing the engine to it's limits. As a result, your coolant temperatures will get too hot. That means you have to take a cool down lap and that V6 Mustang you were chasing on the track will get away.

2) Less Pressure Build Up Under the Hood:

Putting vents in your hood allows the pressure that would have built up under the hood to bleed out. Less stress on your hood latches at high racetrack speeds, less chances of them breaking. Hey, it does happen.

3) Reduces Front End Lift:

Less lift over your front end = better grip over your front tires!

4) Looks awesome:

Need I say more?

3 panel vs 5 panel

We sell the vents with the option of purchasing the forward 3 panels only, or you can opt to purchase the full 5 panel kit. If you are on a budget the 3 panel kit will do a good job of evacuating the hot radiator air. Although with our testing, we found the full 5 panel kit does an even better job since the two rear panels are positioned in a lower air pressure region.

*The rubber trim around the vents are sold separately.* (You only need the rubber trim if you’re mounting your vents on the underside of the hood, not when you’re mounting the vents on the top side. You can use any rubber edge trim that is designed with a 1/16” inner dimension. We recommend McMaster Part Number 8507K15.)

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