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NA MX-5 Miata Durable Side Skirts (1990-1997)

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Gone are the days of warped and broken Miata Side Skirts. R Theory designed and manufactured durable Side Skirts for the NA Miata chassis. Our side skirts are manufactured from 100% aluminum (not cheaper aluminum composite material) and is finished off with a matte black powder coated finish so it will be looking good for years to come.

The side skirt is offset downwards so it does as much as possible to seal the bottom of the car from oncoming air. But it’s also carefully designed so it isn’t the lowest point of the car. This ensures that you won’t scrape the skirts while driving over rough pavement or speed bumps.

Please note that these side skirts are not compatible with the NB Chassis.

One kit includes:

  • Left and Right side skirts for one Miata

  • Stainless Steel Mounting screws

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